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Introduction to Research

For detailed information on the research interests of the labs and academic staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science, visit Labs and Academic Staff page.

Mechanical Systems Design Design of human-machine systems, System engineering,
Human-centered automation
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Manufacturing system, Optimum Design, Topology optimization, Design Engineering
Mechanics of Adaptive Materials and Structures Advanced composite materials, Deformation and fracture, Micromechanics, Processing, Smart materials and structures
Mechanics of Thermal Fluid and Material

Experimental and Numerical Thermo-Fluids Engineering,
Viscoelastic Fluids, Biocells, Microchannel Flows

Fluid Physics Turbulent Heat and Mass Transfer, Waves in Fluids, Stratified Fluids, Rotating Fluids
Optical Engineering Development of spectroscopic methods and instruments, Spectroscopy for fusion and other plasmas
Materials Science Fracture, Nanomechanics, Nano-Multiphysics, Metamaterials, In situ experiment, Ab initio simulation
Thermal Science and Engineering Nano~Macroscale transport phenomena, Combustion, Radiation heat transfer, Turbulence
Vibration Engineering

Mechanism, Robot, Transmission, Actuator, Design, Measurement, Accuracy


Modeling, Design and Control of Robot System, Bio-inspired Robotics, Interface, Swarm Intelligence, Rescue Robot Systems

Machine Element and Functional Device Engineering


Medical Engineering Medical engineering, Tissue engineering, Bio-environment designing, Biomaterial
Advanced Imaging Technology Analytical imaging,  Multispectral Imaging, Ultra high resolution system design and development
Materials and Radiation

Nuclear materials, Radiation effects in materials, Interaction with defects and hydrogen or helium in materials, Lattice defect

Physics of Neutron Scattering Atomic structure, Physical property, Functional material
Physics of Strength and Fracture of Materials Material modeling, Atomistic simulations, Statistical mechanics, Lattice defects, Hydrogen effects on metals
Collaborative Laboratory for Evolutionary Mechanical System Technology (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)