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Laboratories and Academic Staff


Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Mechanical Systems Design
Mechanical Systems Design

Tetsuo SAWARAGI [Professor]
Hiroaki NAKANISHI [Junior Associate Professor]
Yukio HORIGUCHI [Assistant Professor]

Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Shinji NISHIWAKI [Professor]
Kazuhiro IZUI [Associate Professor]
Takayuki YAMADA [Assistant Professor]

Mechanics of Engineering Materials
Mechanics of Adaptive Materials and Structures

Masaki HOJO [Professor]
Masaaki NISHIKAWA [Associate Professor]
Naoki MATSUDA [Assistant Professor]

Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Hiroyuki HIRAKATA [Professor]

Takahiro SHIMADA [Associate Professor]

Mechanics of Thermal Fluid and Material

Kazuyoshi NAKABE [Professor]
Kazuya TATSUMI [Associate Professor]
Reiko KURIYAMA [Assistant Professor]

Fluids Engineering and Science
Fluid Physics

Hideshi HANAZAKI [Professor]
Shinya OKINO [Assistant Professor]

Material Engineering
Optical Engineering

Masahiro HASUO [Professor]
Taiichi SHIKAMA [Associate Professor]
Arseniy Kuzmin [Junior Associate Professor] 
Keisuke FUJII [Assistant Professor]

Materials Science

Takayuki KITAMURA [Professor]
Takashi SUMIGAWA [Associate Professor]

Thermal Science and Engineering

Ryoichi KUROSE [Professor]
Mitsuhiro MATSUMOTO [Associate Professor]
Hidenobu WAKABAYASHI [Assistant Professor]

Mechanical Dynamics
Vibration Engineering

Masaharu KOMORI [Professor]
Tetsuya NONAKA [Assistant Professor]
Tatsuro TERAKAWA [Assistant Professor]


Fumitoshi MATSUNO [Professor]
Takahiro ENDO [Associate Professor]
Hemma PHILAMORE [Junior Associate Professor] 

Machine Element and Functional Device Engineering

Tomoko HIRAYAMA [Professor]

Medical Engineering

Naohide TOMITA [Professor]

Advanced Imaging Technology

Hiroshi IWAI [Professor]

Cooperating Chair

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Radiation and Material Engineering
Particle Beam Materials Science

Atsushi KINOMURA [Professor]
Qiu XU [Associate Professor]
Atsushi YABUUCHI [Assistant Professor]

Physics of Neutron Scattering

Kazuhiro MORI [Associate Professor]
Yohei ONODERA [Assistant Professor]

Engineering Education Research Center

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Physics of Strength and Fracture of Materials

Ryosuke MATSUMOTO [Junior Associate Professor]

Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Laboratory

Chair/LaboratoryAcademic Staff
Collaborative Laboratory for Evolutionary Mechanical System Technology (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Takashi IWASAKI [Program-Specific Professor]
Takashi HIRAI [Program-Specific Associate Professor]