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Admission Policy

Philosophy and Aims of the Graduate School of Engineering

The essence of scholarship is to explore the truth. As part of this endeavor, engineering deals with technical challenges that can contribute directly and indirectly to the life of humans. It therefore bears an important responsibility for the sustainable development of our global society and the shaping of its culture.

On the basis of this realization, the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering aims at driving the development and advancement of science and engineering in harmony with the natural environment by focusing on fundamental research, and also at cultivating technologists equipped with advanced specialized expertise and creativity, and possessed of genuine refinement and high ethical standards.

Our master's program is designed to cultivate broad-based scientific learning with an international sensibility, to produce advanced researchers and technologists with the skills to independently discover and solve real-world challenges. Meanwhile, our doctoral program provides a research-based and practical course of education to produce researchers who are capable of forming creative research teams to tackle leading investigations in new fields of research. To help achieve these goals, the Graduate School of Engineering is launching a new program of education (alongside its existing master's program) that links a master's program with a (second stage) doctoral program, thereby offering a richer and broader set of study options.

Student qualities desired by the Graduate School of Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering seeks students with the following attributes.

  • Sharing the vision and goals advanced by the Graduate School of Engineering, and possessing the ambition to develop the basic capability needed to implement them
  • Possessing the fundamental academic ability to scientifically explore truth, as well as cognitive faculties and judgment that are unhindered by preconceptions.
  • Possessing a strong desire to creatively explore new frontiers and a strong ability to execute their objectives.